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Sunday School

Join us on Sunday at 9:30 AM in one of our age appropriate Sunday School classes. Don’t worry about figuring out where to go, our greeters will help you find the right class.

Children's and Youth's Classes:

Preschool Age:

Ages 3-5

Our 3-5 year olds have lots of fun listening to Bible stories, doing a craft to help reinforce the message of the story, and enjoying a light snack. There's always lots of energy and excitement for Sunday School time!


Two Classes: Kindergarten-2nd Grade and 3rd -5th Grade

Using stories, activities, and crafts we enhance the Shine Sunday school curriculum for grades K-5 in two separate, age divided classes.

Middle School (Junior Youth):

6th-8th Grade

Middle school students enjoy a space of their own as they explore faith and how it connects to their lives.

High School (Youth Group):

9th-12th Grade

High school students meet to discuss biblical themes and their applications in our world.

Adults' Classes:

Forever Young: Young To Middle Aged Adults

Jubilee: Older Adults

Living Branches: Oldest Adults

All children’s classes are taught by a certified adult. Sunday School begins at 9:30 am and ends at 10:20 am, so everyone has time to get ready for the worship service.

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