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A Statement on Grace, Gender, and Sexuality

Rossmere Mennonite Church is a congregation committed to following Jesus together in the Anabaptist tradition. As a church body we possess rich theological diversity, strive to love each other as Christ loved the church, and aim to be respectful of one another through our differences. In a posture of humility, we acknowledge this diversity alongside the varied perspectives and experiences in matters related to gender identity and sexual orientation.

With a spirit of grace, acknowledging our differences in perspective, we as a congregation welcome all people - cisgender and transgender, straight and queer - into a life of faith with Jesus at the center. At Rossmere, believers are further invited to be baptized, participate as members and leaders, enter into marriage, and join with others in worship, service, fellowship, and the usage of their God-given gifts. We believe that marriage is a covenant between two people - committed to fidelity and growing together in love.

As a community we recognize our dependance on Jesus in all things. We lean on and learn from his love and grace as we attempt to embody this love and grace as well. Through the challenges and blessings of life, our prayer continues to be that we may “disciple and nurture each other in embodying the values of Jesus Christ’s life and teachings, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ locally and globally, and invite all to become his disciples.”

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