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We feel strongly that we are called to follow the model of Christ in serving others, not just in our own congregation and family but in the local community and around the world. There are service opportunities planned by individuals, by Sunday School class groups, by people with particular interests/talents, and by the Rossmere Leadership Team or Church Council. Often these projects partner Rossmere with our church connections and local service organizations such as Church World Service, Water Street Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, No Longer Alone Ministries/Good Samaritan ministries, and others.


R.I.S.E: Rossmere In Service Experience

R.I.S.E is an annual service opportunity, often 3-5 days, open to all Rossmere adults, children and families. R.I.S.E alternates between projects planned in the local Lancaster area to a project in a more distant area, such as:

- Local Lancaster Projects: Book recycling at the Mennonite Resource Center, painting at Occupational Development Center, outdoor clean-up with church neighbors and people in need, sewing comforters for Mennonite Central Committee, and much more

- More Distant Projects: Church repair and house repair in Detroit (in partnership with MDS), building and repair work at a camp in New York.

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