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Communal Activities

As a church community, the people of Rossmere Mennonite Church work together, serve together and fellowship together. We welcome everyone to get involved in the life of our congregation in many different ways.

Faith, Church, and Seasons of the Year:

We celebrate the seasons of the Christian calendar such as Lent leading to Easter, and Advent leading to Christmas. These seasons are reflected in our worship times and themes and include special services and events such as:

Lent And Easter

Maundy Thursday meal and service, Good Friday Tenebrae service, Easter morning brunch (prepared by one of the Sunday School classes) and Easter service

Advent And Christmas

Christmas caroling evening, Christmas brunch (prepared by one of the Sunday School classes) & service generally the Sunday before Christmas.

Fellowship Meals and Church Retreat:


The people of Rossmere eat together generally one Sunday a month following the service. Everyone is invited to bring food to share and there is always enough for guests. We want everyone to join our meal together, even if you didn’t bring anything to contribute.

Once a year, generally in the first weekend of June, the people of Rossmere spend a weekend together at a local camp. We find this to be a valuable time of fellowship and growth and invite all to participate, whether for one or two overnights or to just come for the day. The Sunday morning service that weekend is held at the camp rather than at the church building. The costs for this weekend are paid out of the general funds of the church to allow everyone to participate regardless of finances.

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