Covid 19- Updates

Regathering Information

As the month of September begins, you all are due an update on procedures for gathering together on Sunday mornings. Much of what you will read below has been previously announced, but here it is in written form.

Sunday School will begin at 9:30AM. There will continue to be no gathering time prior.

The Worship Service will begin at 10:30 AM. Space is available in the sanctuary or the fellowship hall to gather for worship. The service is also viewable via Zoom, which will be displayed in the Fellowship Hall.

We continue to request everyone to voluntarily wear a mask while inside the building. If you forget your mask, there are some available at the door. We will also continue to have hand sanitizer readily available inside the building. To keep the air flow moving the windows in the sanctuary, fellowship hall, and Sunday School classrooms will be opened and the HVAC system fan will run continuously.

Adult Sunday School classes will continue to meet in their current locations. The Living Branches class will meet in their room next to the sanctuary. The Jubilee class will continue to gather in the Southeast Corner of the Fellowship Hall. The Forever Young class will gather outside under the magnolia tree. In case of rain, the Forever Young class may move inside to the sanctuary. Potential changes to these meeting locations may begin in the month of October.

Children’s Sunday School classes will begin on September 12 and will be held outdoors. Outdoor locations for the three children’s classes (PreK, K-2nd, 3rd-5th) and the Middle School class are still being determined. The High School class will meet in their space indoors. Provisions for inclement weather are still being determined. Our hope is to make use of the comfortable Fall weather as long as we can before moving indoors.

Tentatively, all Sunday School classes will move indoors on October 17. Information about where each class will gather is forthcoming.

On September 12 and October 10 our worship service will be held outdoors in the parking lot. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on. In case of rain, the service will be held indoors.

Do I need to wear a mask inside the building?

Regardless of vaccination status, we are asking everyone to voluntarily wear a mask inside the building. Doing so is a loving way to protect those among us who cannot be vaccinated (the children and those with certain medical problems, or those for whom the vaccine is less effective). Masking will also let us sit a little closer together than we may have otherwise, and will allow us to feel comfortable singing together without risk. It can also ease the transition for those who are not yet comfortable giving up their masks. Again, this is voluntary, and an act of love to our church family members who may not be ready (or able) to go maskless yet.

What other mitigation efforts will occur?

We will have hand sanitizer readily available inside the building. To provide ample ventilation, the windows in the sanctuary, fellowship hall, and Sunday School classrooms will be opened and the HVAC system fan will run continuously.

What is the plan for Adult Sunday School?

Sunday School will begin at 9:30 and conclude at 10:20. We will be studying the book Fire By Night by Melissa Florer-Bixler. One chapter of the book will be discussed every week; discussion questions will be provided. The Living Branches Class will gather in their normal location. The Jubilee class will gather in the SE corner of the fellowship hall and will set up chairs in a semi-circle in that area. The Forever Young class will gather outside and participants should bring lawn chairs with them. Each class is responsible to appoint their own discussion leader for the Sunday, as necessary. A zoom option is available for those who would like to join from elsewhere. S

What’s the plan for High School and Middle School youth?

High School and Middle School youth will gather outdoors from 9:30-10:20, beginning on June 27. They will also need to bring lawn chairs.

What about kids? Will they have a Sunday School to go to?

We are hoping to have a combined Sunday School class for children in grades K-5 beginning on June 27.The children will gather outdoors.

Will the Nursery be available?

No. The nursery will not be staffed during the summer months. Parents are invited to take their Pre-K and younger children to the playground.

What if it rains?

At least starting off, a rainy Sunday morning means there will be no Sunday School for the Forever Young, youth, and children’s classes. As we move back inside and into the ebb and flow of gathering indoors we will process further how other Sunday School classes can gather indoors.

What time does the worship service begin?


Will the service be available on Zoom?

Yes. Those joining by zoom will be able to see what is happening inside the church and those gathering at the church should be able to see those joining via zoom. The same level of interaction that we have been using for our hybrid services will be provided.

Where can we sit in the sanctuary for the worship service?

All seats are available inside the sanctuary. We will not be blocking off every other row or some other arrangement. Please try to sit with those inside your “bubble” and provide space for those who wish for it.

What’s the deal with the Fellowship Hall?

The fellowship hall is being provided as an alternative space to the sanctuary. The Zoom feed will be projected and amplified for those gathering in that space. Folding chairs will be available for individuals to set up and sit wherever they would like; folks can also stand or sit on the floor if they like.

Is the Fellowship Hall mostly a place for those with young children?

No. Anyone of any age is invited to sit in that space. The Fellowship Hall is not a secondary space for the worship service, but another venue in which it occurs. Aspects of the service will likely occur in the Fellowship Hall.

What should we do when the service concludes?

Our preference is that any conversations you wish to have once the service ends happen outdoors.

Will coffee & tea be available before Sunday School?

Yes. The coffee station will be set up in the fellowship hall.

How long will we be gathering in this way?

We will plan on gathering like this until September 5. Adjustments along the way are likely to arise and they will be communicated in a timely manner.

Thank you for patience and grace as we take this exciting step in our community life together.